Warning Signs of Debt Toronto

Depending on your individual circumstances and the severity of your debt, there are numerous option available to help you become debt-free once more.

In order to help others avoid bankruptcy, we have listed some of the warning signs that indicate when debt has gone too far.

  • Cheques that regularly bounce.
  • Bills that are frequently paid past their due date.
  • Phone calls from a collection agency.
  • Using an advance from one credit card to pay the minimum of another.
  • Asking friends and family for loans on a regular basis.
  • Having to cut back on regular expenses such as food, clothing and other necessities.
  • Having your utilities cut off.
  • Having to take on a second job to help pay your bills.

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    Haider Al Saffar

    I see myself as a private-equity investor that helps rebuild companies and families. Restructuring is a sparse industry in that there aren't that many serious practitioners.
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    Every portfolio benefits from bonds; they provide a cushion when the stock market hits a rough patch. But avoiding stocks completely could mean your investment won't grow any faster than the rate of inflation.
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    If a child, a spouse, a life partner, or a parent depends on you and your income, you need life insurance.
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    What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?
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